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Nabi 06:55 PM 01-08-2019
Hello everyone. I am planning to start my own after school and summer /winter camp art program/ classes. I am planning to start it as an alternative for parents school-age children for after school activities. I want to rent a space that will become a studio for children to come to after school and take art classes. Im currently a middle school teacher but I have always wanted to start my own business in this field. I am simply wondering if starting up an after-school program for school-age children is the same as starting a daycare. Would i need to go through the same process as someone opening a daycare facility since my program will also involve children, but my case school-age children only. Thanks.
CityGarden 10:10 PM 01-08-2019

School Age Care only has different licensing requirements depending on the state. If you care to share your state someone can point you to licensing for your state.

In my state there are some options for license exempt care for SA children if you partner with the local park & rec department, school district, private school, etc if I recall correctly.

A couple things to think about - most parents need transportation from the school to the after school site if you are running an after school program you will want to figure that out, also consider insurance for that transportation and homework help - working parents tend to need/want homework done after school and in my state homework is a descent amount starting in 1st grade.
Nabi 04:25 AM 01-09-2019
Thank you! I am in Tampa Bay Florida.
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