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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Staying Open When Your Own Child Is Sick?
CountryRoads 03:10 PM 02-13-2019
My own child, 3.5, has the flu. I have been able to keep him quarantined upstairs in a room all by himself (my daycare is downstairs). He's been happy in there since there is a TV and he hollers down if he needs something. I also wash my hands right after dealing with him.

I guess I'm asking if this is okay or if I should have closed? I let all my families know, 1 came and picked up right away and the others didn't seem bothered by it.

Do you stay open when your own child is sick?
Michael 03:16 PM 02-13-2019
Here are some more threads regarding Sick Policy - Provider Children:
hwichlaz 09:17 PM 02-13-2019
I'd close if anyone in the house had something as dangerous as the flu.

Most things though, I just quarantine my child in my bedroom and bathroom. She texts me from her ipad if she needs me. She's 9 now though. When she was small I couldn't do that so easily.
Cat Herder 05:56 AM 02-14-2019
"Do you stay open when your own child is sick?"

My DH stayed with our kids when they were low sick (flu, strep, gastroenteritis) and small. Going back and forth between playroom and a sick room with a contagious illness like flu or strep was too much of a risk.
Lovisa 06:00 AM 02-14-2019
I stay open unless my kid(s) is SO sick that taking care of them is taking up too much of my time where I'm not also able to adequately take care of the daycare kiddos. I also let all parents know in case they want to pick up.
Blackcat31 06:42 AM 02-14-2019
I follow the same illness policy I expect my clients to follow.

If you are referring to the flu like Influenza I would absolutely without question close.

Give your child your full attention and don't risk another person possibly carrying it even farther than it already spreads.

If you are talking stomach flu type flu then I can see why some providers stay open and keep their child separated.

I think this is something that should be discussed with clients upon enrollment so that everyone enrolled understands they chose a provider with a young child that perhaps may warrant exposure or closure (depending on which option the provider adopts for policies).
CountryRoads 07:00 AM 02-14-2019
Thanks for the input!

I am open today. I told everyone I understand if they didn't want their child here and would not charge for today if they chose to stay home. No one took me up on that offer

Illnesses seem to be bad this year. I'm ready for summer
Jupadia 08:58 AM 02-14-2019
My own 3 year was sick these yesterday as well, I was able to get my MIL to watch him on our main floor so we could also do school pick up for my 6 year old (6 today). Useally he goes to her house I do pick up but sidewalks are bad do to a snow dump this week schools where closed on Tuesday cause of it. I had him napping at pick up so I did not need to worry when my MIL stepped out to get him. At this age I would either have her or my husband take care of him. If not then shut for day. Once the kids are about 6 then I would feel comfy letting him be up stairs and me down. But before that I dont know.
A couple weeks ago I actually called the one parent who's kid was still here for pick up cause he was throwing up. The parent came and understood.
Pestle 09:48 AM 02-14-2019
I stayed open when DD had strep because I could keep her in her room and it was already going around among the daycare families. Then I closed when I had strep until I'd been on antibiotics for 24 hours.

When DD had the flu, I closed for the entire week until she recovered, no question. Not playing with lives here.
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