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missmisty 07:08 AM 03-15-2019
hi ive been lurking a while & learning some valuable info but wanted to get registered so i can contribute!

im currently operating un-licensed in Missouri. i only watch 4 unrelated children at a time out of my home. My total load of kiddos is 6 - but never more than 4 at a time to keep to whats allowed in my state. (alternating parent schedules & some preschoolers who are only here in am or pm). I operated a licensed home daycare for 10 years from 1996-2006, before choosing another route that was best for my family at the time. I started up again in June of last year and things have deinitey changed. It didnt take long to realize
I needed some policies and contracts in place though Im still adjusting those as needed. You guys have been so helpful and I wanna say THANK YOU for all of the great advice and tips ive gained.

personal info - im 42, married & have a 15 yr old son. I also have a couple of kids that are friends of the family who stay with us peridically due to a very bad home situation... so i claim them as mine as well. 2 girls, 15 & 8.

I look forward to learning & sharing with everyone!
Blackcat31 07:29 AM 03-15-2019
Welcome to the forum!!
Mike 10:32 AM 03-16-2019
Lots of useful information here, and a great place to learn and share.
Michael 02:26 PM 03-16-2019
Welcome to the forum!
springv 03:07 PM 03-16-2019
Welcome to the forum
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