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Playcare 08:22 AM 03-16-2019
Hello! I am in Mass and we are coming out of winter and my daughter has spent her 3rd "nice weather" day inside due to staffing issues. Granted, they have a large room with fun activities but I've called the preschool director already and said: "there is no substitute for sunshine and fresh air." I am searching for a temp at which facilities are required to take them out, other than rain but I can't find one. I found a weather chart and guidelines and the 60 min per day of physical activity but I want outdoor play! Any ideas or knowledge of regulations? TIA
Blackcat31 08:38 AM 03-16-2019
Sunshine is definitely important but so is safety and supervision and while I understand what you’re saying I’m wondering why this issue can’t be solved by you taking your own child outside?
Surely she’s not in daycare all day from sun up to sun down?

Safety and supervision per regulations trumps sunshine and outdoor play in child care.
Snowmom 08:34 AM 03-18-2019
The bottom line is: if you are unhappy with the services you are receiving, you should find a different place that provides what you want or need. Never try to force one to comply with your wishes (ie; searching for required/suggested practices to confront your provider/center with). That will never end well.

Most states require outdoor play within reasonable parameters.
For example: it's finally in the upper 30's with sun here and outdoor play would be great for my group... BUT my fenced play area is flooded, making it unsafe for the group. While the temps are ideal, the environment is not.

One thing I took from your post that really IS concerning is "staffing issues". If they have staffing issues, I would ask a few more questions in regards to that to make sure they are in compliance with what your state requires.
Cat Herder 09:27 AM 03-18-2019
Are public schools closed for the weather right now, OP?
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