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Michi4 05:03 AM 03-18-2019
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight on what type of licenses would be needed to start a child play center.

I live in Florida and Iím looking to open a child activity/entertainment center. Iím not necessarily a childcare provider- meaning I do not intend to have curriculum or provide a school type atmosphere (I hope that makes sense!). Iím providing a venue for parents and their little ones to enjoy the indoor jungle gym and other cool play activities for ages 2-5 (old kids welcome of course but the 2-5 y/olds are the age targets). Parents can stay and play with their kids or I would offer an hourly drop off. Hourly drop offs would be used for parents in need of time away to run an errand or two, formal dinner or date nights, etc.. I also would host birthday parties.

Anyways, most of Floridaís rules and regulations are in fact geared towards family daycares or center based daycares. Would I fall under these categories since I am a facility that has little ones onsite? The hourly drop off is the one Iím confused about. Is there an allotted time that would qualify as non daycare? Or would it still be counted as a childcare and therefore must apply for the state license in childcare?

Thank you for any information and feedback you all have!

Have a great week🙂.
Cat Herder 05:05 AM 03-18-2019
If parents are off-site for any amount of time you are responsible for childcare. That means licensing, liability and training requirements.

Look up "camp" rules, although I suspect that will mostly apply to 5 and up. There may not be an exception for under 5.
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