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Ac114 08:10 AM 05-17-2019
So I asked a few weeks ago about sisters that has mollescum and now younger sibling has HFM. These girls are always sick with major illnesses. This past winter the younger one also had scarlet fever. They have shared parenting between mom and dad and are only part time. I’m extremely diligent on my illness policy and obviously they can get sick anywhere but they are usually culprits if where most my illnesses begin. Or they show symptoms first. I feel like their other sitter may not have an illness policy or is as strict so things are brought from that daycare to here. Is that naive or incorrect in thinking this way? I’m not lying when I say that every time a have a “ick” going around is 90% of the time starts with them. Do you ladies keep children that go back n forth to separate daycares? Should I even care as long as I exclude and move on? I hate hate hate exposing everyone to this stuff along with my own children. I guess I’m just annoyed. Your thoughts?
Ac114 08:24 AM 05-17-2019
And then what is your exclusion policy on HFM. This is my first go around with it.
Cat Herder 08:50 AM 05-17-2019
I would probably replace them.

Part-time enrollment, multiple siblings and with two different childcare arrangements is a lot of extra exposure for less than full-time pay.

I also don't take school-aged kids (other than full-time redshirts) for the same reason, among many others.

HFM is exclusion until wounds are scabbed over followed by pants and long sleeves in the playroom for two months. (I just put footed pj's over their clothing while they are inside on playrugs) It sheds for a while.
Ariana 08:50 AM 05-17-2019
I exclude for symptoms and really donít give it much thought. I have had major illness go through the daycare and not everyone caught it. Most illnesses are contagious before symptoms even appear so there is no point in worrying too much about where it might have come from. I think keeping sick kids at home is key as well as good sleep and good food!
Cat Herder 08:58 AM 05-17-2019
"Coxsackieviruses are most contagious during the first week of symptoms. However, viable virus microbes have been found in respiratory tracts for up to three weeks and then in feces up to eight weeks after initial infection, but during this time, the viruses are less contagious."
Blackcat31 12:50 PM 05-17-2019
Some kids are sicker than others. Lack of proper sleep, exercise and/or diet is usually the culprit. Fortunately most kids develop a fairly strong immune system by the time they enter school.

However, like CH said the whole situation seems like a mess and one I probably wouldn't want to take on either. Part time is hard when it comes to illness etc. I moved to full time only a while back and it's worked well in regards to eliminate so many illnesses cycling all the time.

My policy for HFM requires exclusion until all sores/blisters are dried up and gone. I know the biggest contagious period is prior to visible symptoms but exclusion until blisters are gone reduces the continual cycling of it returning.
springv 01:35 PM 05-17-2019
Illness policy in our center is that children must be separated from the group, parents called, toys and whatever they used sanitized and disinfected and must stay home 24/48 hours or until they are better. If they bring a doctors note when the child returns they get half rate
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