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LeoBunny 02:31 AM 05-26-2019

My name is Leona. I will be starting up a family child daycare at home in Florida in the next two years when I return. I'm currently trying to map out everything that I will need to make sure that I can successfully start this child daycare. I would really love all the help that I can from any and everyone that has any advice. Currently, I'm teaching in South Korea and saving to prepare for start-up costs. Is there any advice about things that I can start to do now. P.S. I have a major in Elementary Education, and will take my teaching license exam this summer. What are some things you believe I should start to work on now? Thanks for your help, and nice to meet you all!
springv 01:39 PM 05-26-2019
Hey michael, think this may be a scam
Blackcat31 07:06 AM 05-28-2019
Originally Posted by springvalley112:
Hey michael, think this may be a scam
How so? Have you seen this before?

Many users start out as unregistered posters before registering. They haven't included a link in their post or anything that normally alerts us to scammers or spammers so just curious why you think it's a scam?
Cat Herder 05:45 AM 10-23-2019
Wait, when did we join a gang

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