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Sdcp16 06:49 AM 05-28-2019
Ive been running my home daycare for 20 years now and I feel like Im in a place of being very overwhelming and frustrated. I have 3 toddlers who spend the entire day screaming/shrieking out of frustration, irritation, happiness, tiredness etc. basically everything makes them scream. I want to cut back. But Im not sure if I let go of kids that were the last to start. Or the ones who make me crazy. Or the ones that are on state paid voucher and I recently went to a meeting about new policies that are now in effect which Im not totally on board with. Since the meeting a week ago I know of two providers who have dropped voucher. How do I decide who to term and what reasons do I give? Help!!!
Blackcat31 06:51 AM 05-28-2019
Depends on what you need most.

I'd personally let the kids go that caused me the most stress.
Josiegirl 03:04 PM 05-28-2019
I'm with BC. It sounds like the stressful ones are making your job and life miserable; keeping them won't change how you feel.
Ariana 04:08 AM 05-29-2019
The only issue you mentioned causing you stress was the crazies so theyd be the first to go!
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