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mrma 09:02 AM 05-28-2019
Im fairly new at this daycare business. Started in November. Licensed in Wa state. I have a little boy who is in head start, his contract hours are 11-6pm. During school breaks I accepted him all day because I didnít really discuss it with parent and he never asked. Now that summer is coming, am I expected to take him all day? I would be over capacity on some days of the week. I need to tell him I canít change his schedule because of other kids but I am second guessing myself on how to tell them or what to say.
Snowmom 09:13 AM 05-28-2019
Say it in writing. Technically, say everything in writing. Whether you prefer paper, email or text.

DCF: As summer approaches, I need to touch base on my availability. I have Joey on X schedule which will continue through X date. To clarify summer break: I cannot enroll him for extended hours in the summer due to other contractual obligations.
Please touch base with me to confirm your schedule no later than X date.
Thank you,
mrma 09:53 AM 05-28-2019
Thank you!
mrma 09:39 AM 06-07-2019
So confession, I have typed up the letter that states I won't be able to provide care for extended hours this summer. I haven't given it to him cause I have no back bone. I will do it today as he came in and asked " Is there anything you need for him for the summer?" Stupid me just said. "shorts, in case we get wet"

The other day though, I was asked by another provider if something had happened with this family because another provider called her to let her know this family had asked her if she had openings for this dck. I felt a little betrayed but all in all I think he asked her because I told him I couldn't care for his child outside of contracted hours. Still, it made me doubt myself as a provider and you would think this would give me the back bone I need to tell them I can't take care of the kid for extended hours.
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