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TroyKnight 12:10 PM 07-03-2019
Hi All,
I am new to the forum and new to Child Care. I am a real estate investor who has a piece of property prime for a Child Care Facility. Between my business partner and our wives, we have recently established that we would love to build and own a few child care centers, BUT, we don't know how much they cost to run. We can find the easy stuff like teacher salaries, insurance, utilities, etc. But I wanted to reach out to the group and see if anyone would be willing to share some rough costs for a facility in the 100 child range. We plan to have 20 2mo-12mo, 20 1yr-2yr, 20 2yr-3yr, 20 3yr-4yr, and 204yr-5yr.

I'm curious how many teachers assistants you would recommend in these rooms. North Carolina requires 1:5 ratio for the first group, 1:6 for second, 1:10 for third, 1:15 for fourth, and 1:20 for the fifth age group.
That gives us a total of 13 head teachers. I am thinking a Director, Assistant Director, then 3 additional staff to help cover down on items such as making lunch, taking calls, working front desk, janitorial items etc.

Also, what is a rough food cost per child for 2 snacks and lunch. Would a facility this size qualify for the food program for reimbursements that I've read about?

Do you offer your teachers benefits? Is $25,000/yr still the average rate they receive?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Even if someone has a sample monthly expense sheet they use or have used in the past, that would be tremendous!!

Feel free to comment here, pm me, or email to
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