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Unregistered 05:32 PM 08-20-2019
Hi All,

I am about to get my in-home childcare license inspection in MA. The space is set up, my handbook and contract are written. Curriculum is completed. Some final cabinet doors to lock and I am ready... and I am terrified, anxious, excited and stressed.

I am scheduling interviews and tours for fall enrollment.

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies. Things you wish you had known as a beginner? Aside from "run for the hills."
e.j. 06:50 PM 08-20-2019
Take a deep breath and relax. Read through the regulations one more time just to make sure you've covered everything and you should be fine. If you've missed something, your licensor will let you know so you can correct it. Usually, it's no big deal. As for interviewing/enrolling... trust your gut. Be choosey; don't settle. If you see red flags, pass. Don't be afraid to enforce your policies from the start. You put them in place for a reason. Be sure to schedule enough time off for yourself so you don't burn out. Know that burn out may hit you anyway. It comes and goes in cycles. Keep your sense of humor; it'll help you get through it.

Let us know how the inspection goes! Good luck!
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