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Smith3 11:18 AM 09-14-2019
Hi everyone. I'm currently awaiting to receive my permit from Texas to care for children. I will be a listed family home, and will only be allowed to watch 3 unrelated children. I wanted to clarify something and I hope I make sense so bare with me please..

Does the 3 mean I can only care for 3 children period


Does it mean I can only have 3 in my care physically at one time?

Meaning I could have more than 3 enrolled with me, but they all come at different times and never have more than 3 with me all at once.

Thank you 🖤
Rockgirl 11:49 AM 09-14-2019
I believe it’s three in your care at once. You could call your local licensing office and ask. They’re really nice and helpful at the one in my city.
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