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Mshelnmars 01:04 PM 10-16-2019
I have a few children who have older siblings. Whenever they pick up, they always play with the toys and sometimes are very rough. How can I politely let parents know this isn't ok.
Cat Herder 01:08 PM 10-16-2019
I recommend doing Bye-Bye outside. Meet them at the door with their child, ready to go. Driveway alarms and outdoor cameras make this super easy and efficient. There will be no reason for the older kids to get out of the car, then. It is safer for everyone.
Blackcat31 02:24 PM 10-16-2019
I use the insurance excuse.

Non-enrolled children may NOT use or play with any of the child care toys and/or equipment.

If this happens, I will usually discuss with the parent alternate ways in which they can pick up without having to bring older sibling with or get them out of the car.
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