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Unregistered 01:56 PM 11-27-2019
A 6 month old came in yesterday with a cough. By 11:30 it was clear this kid is sick. The cough was DEEP in his chest. Tell Mom to come get him. I knew she had an appointment andecent distance away that morning, so I told her as soon as youíre done come get him. Two hours later she comes in huffy and doesnít say a word. That part I didnít mind because she never hushes normally, but I was peeved that she had an attitude about coming to get in. Later I get a message that she took him to doc and they said he just had allergies. Except she told me her pediatrician is still almost two hours away and that she couldnít get him on for his 6 month shots this week because of the holiday. Despite her not working and him being here from open to close she just had too much to do to make his original shot appointment she said.
So I asked if she happened to get a note. Itís in my policies that I may ask for one. Three fourths of mine have been sick so something is definitely going around and I want everyone to wait until healthy to come back so it doesnít make another lap. She gets pissy about that and says she doesnít want other kids to dictate when her child can come because she pays for him. I explained that the health of other children will always be a consideration and that if she wasnít okay with that, I want the provider for her. She said ok and she didnít want a problem because she has health issues she needs to work out so she wouldnít bring him today. In that same message though was how she was confused because he didnít have a fever and she wasnít asked to not bring him back. (Umm, doctors note to return?)
Clearly Iím annoyed with her to know end at this point. Then I see her post on Facebook a pic of baby getting a breaking treatment at docs for RSV!!! She also said doc cleared him for turkey day tomorrow. 🤦🏻*♀️
Keep in mind that she hasnít told me this personally. No notification so exposes kids could know. Nothing. And in her post she said she was glad she had this appointment for him today because he texted positive. If he had an appointment anyway why were you complaining about him not coming today and lying about takeoff him last night?!?
Iím easy to tell her not to come back. Iím not willing to put up with attitude about picking up your sick kid or him staying home, or her frankly.
Sheís complained to me that nobody has offered to buy her diapers (sheís a single mom), and like I said, she isnít working. He is here right at opening at 7, leaves at 5:30, and goes to bed at 6.

Am I overreacting? I hate to lose him because he is sweet and I know for those hours he is well cared for and loved on.
Snowmom 02:33 PM 11-27-2019
Pretty sure I'd comment on that Facebook post: how's the allergies?

Then I'd text her not to bother returning.
Ac114 02:34 PM 11-27-2019
This is not a parent Iím willing to work with? First, RSV is a serious illness and he needs to stay home until he is well. Many children are hospitalized every year for this virus. Second, why would anyone buy her child diapers? It is her child, her responsibility. I canít deal with the victim mentality so I would personally term immediately. You will continue to have problems with this one.
CountryRoads 03:38 PM 11-27-2019
Originally Posted by Snowmom:
Pretty sure I'd comment on that Facebook post: how's the allergies?

Then I'd text her not to bother returning.
This would be amazing

I'm required to inform parents via letter of any contagious illnesses that a child may have, so I would definitely be confronting her about the RSV.

I would have a hard time trusting her after this.
Ariana 06:18 PM 11-27-2019
This would be something I would confront at drop off. I would ask about her post, then drop her crap in a bag and tell her not to come back.

Ugh sorry you are dealing with this moron
Josiegirl 04:43 AM 11-28-2019
She out and out lied to you!!!! She'd be gone. Not playing by the rules, creating health issues for everyone else, who needs that @rap?? It's not worth the money. And yes, I'd definitely confront her right on FB.
Unregistered 08:14 AM 11-29-2019
I think she will have to go. Thanks for the responses and for decoding that train wreck of typos that was my original post. Ha! I think I was too angry to be typing.
Unregistered 05:20 PM 11-29-2019
Get a screen shot of the post about RSV before you confront her. That way if she causes a stink or deletes the post you have proof if you need it.
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