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Jupadia 09:56 AM 01-29-2020
Ok know I have to sanitize everything, but a couple questions?

If you dont have a dryer will just the washer with hot water cycle kill the bacteria for hand foot mouth? (Useung laundrey soap of course)

How long dose it live on surfaces? I ask cause my kids got a lego city his built. Aside from breaking it apart, any ideas how to sanitize that. It dose have a few stickers on a few blooks.
Jupadia 10:02 AM 01-29-2020
Forgot to add the regular lego sets / city is my 6 year olds, not located in daycare. He is one of the ones who came down with it.
Cat Herder 10:24 AM 01-29-2020
A quick spritz with Lysol or Clorox disinfecting spray and adding some odoban disinfectant to the laundry should do the trick.
Unregistered 11:27 AM 01-29-2020
I use a UV lamp daily. it works much better than sanitizing surfaces of furniture and toys.
Ariana 11:38 AM 01-29-2020
Just a quick wipe down with a cleaner will work! Have had two daycare kids with it over the years and it never spread.
Jupadia 11:48 AM 01-29-2020
Thanks all,

So far I've I got one dk with it, and one of my own. My own guy came down with it today, thought about just burring down his room, bit changed my mind. Hopefully my younger guy dose not get it. Daycare rooms been completely sanitized.
rosieteddy 12:52 PM 01-29-2020
Use the Lysol spray on the legos then let it dry naturally.
Jupadia 07:09 AM 01-30-2020
Good news is my guy might not have it, doc said yesterday it could be it or something else.
It's not presenting as normal hand foot mouth. I did start using down unstoppable on laundrey last week randomly cause we got some for free, we have used regularly softener including down before. But we think it may be allergic reaction to that, at least were hoping. Meanwhile his room has been sanitized.
Ariana 05:10 PM 01-30-2020
Did he have a fever or anything? Just FYI my daughter had a bit of a rash that the DR told me was a skin allergy but it was in fact Strep or Scarlett Fever! She wasnít complaining of a sore throat or anything which I assume is why the DR didnít catch on.

Hopefully it is just the Downey!
Jupadia 05:23 AM 01-31-2020
No fever or other symptoms. In fact the rash is gone today. He was sick last week had a fever that came Saturday the 18 and then a sore throat. Doctor put him on meds to clear it up. His brother had the same virus the week before that.
I'm sending him back to school today since the rash is gone.
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