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dolores 05:47 AM 02-12-2020
In New York the DOH requires us to complete 30 hours of training every 2 years. They were once free but rarely nowadays. There are a few free e-learning classes online which we do but they don't add up to 30 hours. We've also taken long distance courses with Care Courses which are affordable but we've seem to have completed most of them. We are looking for another source of free and affordable training. Any suggestions?
Blackcat31 05:56 AM 02-12-2020
I've taken several trainings through Penn State Extension.

You can click on your state and see if they have any courses that are acceptable by your state

Most the trainings I've taken are $5
Cat Herder 06:13 AM 02-12-2020
This is the one I use. I linked the New York ECE classes.

I do the $99 per year unlimited each year because most classes are $10 each. For the price of 10 hours I can take as many as I want, especially the ones that interest me or fill a need I am currently experiencing with a particular child or family. They also have great printable resources for each and every class. Access to each class is also unlimited for review as needed for the entire 12 months.
dolores 09:14 AM 02-12-2020
Thank you both !
Ariana 11:49 AM 02-12-2020
284878 06:45 AM 02-15-2020
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