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springv 01:54 PM 02-15-2020
Employee got arrested with her child in the car because she didn't have vehicle registration, insurance or a tag for the car and a friend of hers dad has possession of the car until she can get things together. Would it look bad as far as the business goes and what would you say if people asked because it's in our local paper and online
Ac114 04:48 PM 02-15-2020
I would just say those are personal matters that you’re not affiliated with and if they have any questions to speak to your director.
Cat Herder 04:20 AM 02-19-2020
It depends on if she was charged with any crimes against children and if she can still pass the background check.

I'd run it again, myself. Actually, I would be legally required to.

Many people are super creative at rationalizing their own bad choices and minimizing their part in it. Personally, I would no longer trust her decision-making abilities or ethics to work for me. If only some laws apply to her then none do. If she had needed a ride to and from work temporarily, I would have made that happen.
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