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tenderhearts 10:06 AM 02-27-2020
I found 2 qualified people to fill in for on call. They have both been linked to my daycare by my state licensor, what a relief. One thing I wanted to ask, one of them has a small child, I asked her if she brings them and she said only if there is room, however I do not feel comfortable having her bring her child, I guess the biggest concern I have is say if her child hurt another child I feel like that could be a concern to my parents, how exactly should I tell her this?
AmyKidsCo 01:23 PM 02-28-2020
You could say that you don't know if your liability insurance would cover her child if he/she injured another child. (If you don't look into it you're not lying because you don't know.)
tenderhearts 02:15 PM 02-28-2020
That's a great thought thanks.
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