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ChildcareIsMyPassion 03:26 PM 02-28-2020
I am considering opening an in-home daycare in South Dakota until I am able to find a usable space for a childcare center. I was wondering if anyone has any tips as to what all to expect? What can be written off for taxes? ANYTHING that would help me with deciding to do an in-home or not?! Thank You!
Michael 05:05 PM 02-28-2020
Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of deduction information in our daycare and taxes category:

You can also search for deductions in out tag search:
Cat Herder 03:38 AM 03-02-2020
Anything you could want to know about start up can be found in this section of redleaf press.

Any anything you will need to know about environments, supplies, curriculum and quality intiatives can be found here:

Stick around.
ChildcareIsMyPassion 07:07 PM 03-04-2020
Thank you!!
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