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tenderhearts 09:03 AM 03-12-2020
I don't know if I'm just being overly cautious but I have a little boy who appears to be fine however, he had a bowel movement this morning, completely normal, then about 30 min after it was a large bm very loose and he has a mild rash on his cheeks it's more like just some red bumps on both cheeks. He has no fever. Our state says more than one watery stool. What would you do??
DaveA 09:09 AM 03-12-2020
For right now I’d just observe and see how they do. I might send DCP a heads up text. Kind of a “This is what happened. Will let you know if something changes.” type thing.
Unregistered 10:05 AM 03-12-2020
I would send home for undiagnosed rash.
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