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Mariposa 04:23 PM 07-04-2020
I have been to the forum for about a year or two now. Now that I finally opened my own in-home I figured I have been posting enough to register. And I wanted to post a picture, thinking it would allow me to.

Hopefully it will stop asking me the security question?

I am in Wa state. I babysat frequently as a teen so I count that in my 20 years of experience in childcare. I started as an assistant at 18 and went up. I have done all ages-head preschool teacher, then head school age, promoted to site coordinator, promoted to Director. I liked my job a lot and did well, but the hours did not mesh with my kids and my husband being laid off his remote job.
I decided to do full day again and became an assistant Director and then Director.
It was too much, I did not do well at all.

But I will excel at doing this from home. I started last week and am trying to gain the clients. The hardest part is my own daughter-I strongly believe she has Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). Luckily my husband works from home this summer due to covid-19 (and he is being laid off-unrelated to covid-so his next job location is unknown) so he takes her when she is having a meltdown.

My program is 630-630 M-F. I am licensed for 10, which is usually granted after the initial but I had an exception due to experience and 2 being mine.
I can rake 2.5 plus but will only take 3 plus, potty trained.
Nonschool days is all day for 4 and up. The 4 year old must be mature if they are not going into kindergarten.
School days is before and after for my daughter's school.
Preschool is a 2 hour program when school is in so I don't have my daughter.

Interesting, I know.
Wish me luck-especially with little networking connections, covid, a newly built elementary, and 2 hour program vs longer.
Cat Herder 06:05 AM 07-05-2020
Only registered posts count towards your post count.

Glad you registered. Stick around.
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