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tenderhearts 02:56 PM 09-30-2020
I have a dcb who turned 2 yrs yesterday and just started in my care 3 weeks ago. He is having difficulty going down for nap, during interview they said he typically takes a 2-3 hr nap. Obviously being a new environment it can be scary and hard but he has not adjusted to nap, he just cries. His parents said that he started doing that about a month ago and apparentley dad sits with him until he's asleep, well that isn't going to work, I don't mind sitting with him for a bit but not the whole nap time until he fall asleep which some days he will fall asleep in the 10 min I'm sitting next to him other days i leave and tell him I'll be back and he just cries until I come back. My question is, he is on a cot in a different room due to my 5 other nappers in another room, he gets up and will stand there, would you put him in a pack n play?
Cat Herder 04:14 AM 10-01-2020
No, I would not. Twelve months and older are on mats, infants are in safety cribs. All are fully supervised the entire naptime in the same room, per licensing.

A pack-n-play for a two year old would be considered confinement equipment and inappropriate for his age. A typically developing two year old can climb out, tear the mesh sides out to escape or tip it over entirely; it is not considered safety equipment, but a hazard.

Yes, transitioning to a mat is frustrating but it is something that takes time and is a normal part of our day. It is much easier at age one than age two, for sure, but can still be done with consistency.

You can give the parents a deadline for him to transition then let him go, though. There is not much they can do at home to make him stay on his mat at your house, though, unless they still have him in a crib at home. That they would need to fix ASAP to stay enrolled, here. They need to do that work, themselves.
tenderhearts 07:36 AM 10-01-2020
Yes that makes sense. I transition as well at 12 -15 months to cot. It's unbelievable how many kids are still in a crib even at 3 but they are fine on cots here. When i first discussed with parents they said he was having difficulty with naps at home about a week before he started my childcare well when we talked about it last night they said he slept great at his previous daycare (which he has been there since he was 6 mo old) and he is napping great at home, hmmm which is it. thanks
Cat Herder 07:44 AM 10-01-2020
Can you set up a baby gate area, supported by furniture or attached to walls, around his nap mat? That way if he gets up he can't go wandering?
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