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Josiegirl 03:48 AM 10-06-2020
The Reason You're Alive by Matthew Quick

Very blunt, funny and not my typical read but was really good.
PB&J 04:11 AM 10-08-2020
What’s it about?? Is it fiction? Blunt and funny sounds perfect right now.
Josiegirl 11:01 AM 10-09-2020
It is fiction. Mainly about a Vietnam vet, who doesn't have a very good relationship with his son and his wife committed suicide. Oh you really have to read it to 'get it'. I tried to explain it to my niece and one of the 1st things I mentioned was a vet who's racist but his best friends are homosexuals, blacks, etc. She said there's no way it can be funny then. But it is.
The end of the book is wonderful as well, his relationship with his ds changes dramatically, has a great ending.
A ton of 'f' this and 'f' that. But if you can see beyond the language and racist comments, I bet you'd like it.
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