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Anon 09:20 AM 10-10-2020
Hi all, Iím kind of new to all of this and came across a situation that I have absolutely no idea how to handle.

I watch a 7m and 2m in the evenings. Been doing this for 2 weeks now. Parents both work at a local hospital and work evening hours.

I have successfully established a routine where we get 7m ready for bed about 30 minutes before (9pm) and give us a few minutes of final play or reading or whatever right before.

A few nights age 7m NK is going through his routine. Teeth, potty, pull up (NK Ďwets the bedí), jammies. For the last 10 minutes before bed he decided he wanted to play ninja. A few minutes in I noticed him holding his *stuff* in the classic kid ĎI have to peeí stance. So I asked him if he needed to go potty and got repeated answers of ďno.Ē Fearing the worst but also silently relieved that he had some protection on I asked if he already went. He responded with an almost shy, sad sounding ďyes.Ē This led me to believe it was simply an accident. I guessed that he didnít go all the way before and just got caught up in playing or whatever. He asked me not to tell his parents and we went and got a clean pull up.

No big deal... right?
Except not. The next night rolls around and we do the same routine. This time I stayed back and made sure he went potty. All good?
Decided to play some cars this time. Same deal, a few minutes in (and about 10 minutes before bed) holding himself again. Almost word for word from the night before and it ends with a wet pull up.
He again asked me not to tell his parents but also asked that we not get a clean one (ew). After I put some more pressure on he tells me that he likes wearing pull ups and wets them on purpose to make sure his parents keep buying them.
It struck me speechless. I didnít know what to say or what to do so I just kind of mumbled alright and left it alone.

I donít watch them again for a few days so Iím just trying to figure out if I should tell the parents? I donít want to betray his trust and itís not like heís really hurting anything. Itís kind of gross that he sits in it all night.

As Iím writing this the thought popped in my head that it might be jealousy of his 2m brother wearing diapers?

I think he was waiting to build confidence or trust with me through the first week and thatís why I didnít see it before.

Please help. Any advise is great.
Michael 11:31 AM 10-10-2020
I think this is a situation that should be handled by the parents. The little guy is smart and seems to have things figured out. I would let the parents know what he said and what you think may be the reason but emphasize that you want to keep his trust and prefer they keep the situation private.
Ariana 12:46 PM 10-11-2020
What do you hope to gain by telling the parents? I guess in my mind there is no point because they will likely get mad at him and now youíve betrayed his trust. I think I would just leave it and hope he grows out of it, which we will eventually.
AmyKidsCo 01:32 PM 10-12-2020
Our youngest wore pull ups overnight until Kdg or 1st grade. When I found out he peed in it in the morning because he didn't want to get up to use the bathroom I stopped buying them. He tested me a couple of times and had to help change the bed and launder the bedding, then he decided it was less work to get up.

I don't know if it's related, but he's also the kid who tried to pee across the bathroom into the toilet from the doorway.
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