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Unregistered 02:33 PM 11-30-2020
I have a 4 year old in care the does everything that another child in care does. When he colors a picture, he will watch what colors the other child uses and color his to look exactly the same. During meal times, he will ask the other child what they are going to eat first and then eat his food in the same order. During free play, he will only play what the other child plays even when he wants to do something else.
These are just a few examples. This has been going on for months and only happens with this one child. When the other child is not here, he is very independent.
Should I just let this go or what can I do to promote his independence around this other child?
grandmom 02:40 PM 11-30-2020
I'm not sure how you would separate the kids at lunch.

But as for art, bring the follower to the table first. When he's completely finished, let the leader come. Don't let them be together.
Unregistered 06:45 AM 12-01-2020
He also speaks in a baby voice when the other child is here, and especially when he talks to this child.
Ariana 08:51 AM 12-01-2020
Have you spoken to him about it? Maybe see where this is coming from and try to get him to understand that he is his own person and doesn't have to copy.

I have never had this issue, it sounds very strange!!
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