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gpattillo68 08:27 AM 03-11-2021
I would love your input. I have been providing remote learning care for 8 school age kids in my home since March of last year. Iíve only had a few breaks here and there, along with a nice 2 week break at Christmas that was unexpected, since I was only taking 1 week off. Anyway, I give parents a calendar at the beginning of the school year with paid vacation days and any day my childcare may be closed. Well, my sister invited me and my family to Arizona to stay at her new vacation home. Three of the days Iíll be gone will be childcare days. We come in late on Wednesday, home Thursday and Iíll need that Friday off due to a celebration of life for my dad. Iím thinking of taking the whole week off, but hereís my dilemma. I would be gone from April 24-28th, so thatís not much time to give notice given itís already March 11. All of my parents are working from home or have at least one parent working from home, so I know they should be okay with having their kids home, but I feel guilty. Iíve been doing care for years and usually have this stuff planned. Due to Covid and our state being closed down for so long, I havenít taken my usual vacation. How would you handle this or pose this request to parents? Thank you
Cat Herder 08:32 AM 03-11-2021
That is more than two weeks notice. I think it is fine.

I give my calendar a year in advance, too, but if a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself, I still take it.

You may never have the chance again.
Unregistered 08:43 AM 03-11-2021
I would take the time off. Life can't always be planned out a year in advance. This pandemic has showed us that. Your families will figure it out. Enjoy.
CountryRoads 08:52 AM 03-11-2021
Don't feel guilty. AT ALL. You will regret not going. After putting dcf before myself (or even my own family) multiple times (and regretting it EVERY TIME!!), I've learned to do what I want to do and not feel bad about it. It's their problem, not yours. I'd be willing to bet that some of your dcfs will be taking some vacations this year, so don't even let it bother you.

You could send out a message today or tomorrow. Whenever I have a closure coming up, I send out a message. "Upcoming closure: April 24-28." You don't have to give an explanation.

That's more than a months notice, which I think is plenty.
Snowmom 10:36 AM 03-11-2021
It's plenty! Go, enjoy yourself.
Sunshine69 11:19 AM 03-11-2021
That's more than enough notice.

They don't need to know why you're taking time off either.

I don't know why we always feel guilty for inconveniencing parents. I rarely hear confessions of guilt when I'm inconvenienced by parents or daycare kids.

If it's addressed and covered in your contract already, you needn't worry. I've never been paid more or given more notice than is stipulated in my contract. If they're days off that aren't covered by the terms of your contract, then you can consider not charging for those days.
gpattillo68 12:35 PM 03-15-2021
Thank you for all your input. I feel so much better running it by you all. I have some great parents, but I worry about inconveniencing them. Honestly, Iíve allowed myself to be inconvenienced by not taking time off to do the simple things like dentist appointments, eye appointments or just taking a sick day or mental health day for myself. I feel good about leaving on my vacation and coming back to celebrate my dad. Iíll be taking the whole week off! 😁
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