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Unregistered 11:34 AM 09-15-2009
Hello Everyone,

I have a question for you all and I hope that you take a minute to share your opinion on this important matter.

Do you think it would be beneficial to have someone come into your facility to conduct a thorough disinfection procedure on a regular basis?

I am considering starting a new company where we would come in and run our "machine" in your facility. The machine looks like a small robot but it just sits in the center of the room and emits a vaporized disinfectant into the air that would then coat all of the surfaces in the facility. The disinfectant that is being vaporized is an EPA approved disinfectant that has been proven to be safe, non-toxic/corrosive, and effective at killing bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi and viruses.

With two children in day care myself, I see how sickness spreads and the headaches it causes for the care providers, children and parents alike. The best part of this disinfectant and the procedure used is that it provides residual efficacy against germs. Meaning, after the system runs about 5 times, the surfaces in your facility, both hard and soft surfaces, actually become "self sanitizing" which will prevent new germs from adhearing to the various surfaces in your facility.

I have been in the business of developing disinfectants for close to 10 years now. Most likely you are using products now to disinfect your facility that I have been a part of developing as I work for a large well known company in this industry. I would like to break out on my own and start offering the type of service that I have described above but I need to know whether or not you, the care provider, sees it as beneficial.

Ok, so, what do you think? Please help me understand your position on this topic as I value your opinions greatly!
seashell 05:03 AM 09-16-2009
You might consider asking state licensing this question. They may not approve of your process and this would mean that centers could not use your services. I do however, like the option.
Unregistered 06:44 AM 09-17-2009
I would use this service if it were approved by my state licensing. I like the idea.
Unregistered 08:42 PM 09-29-2009
Thank you to those who commented! Good questions, too! the disinfectant that I am using is an EPA registered product that is going to have approval in all 50 states, so from a state licensing standpoint, we are good to go.

Now that at least a couple of people think it may be a worthwhile service. Can you all please comment on the frequency that you would like this service. Nightly is what I thought originally, but due to the costs it may not be feasible and due to the residual efficacy of the product, it may not be needed. What do you think?

Also, on a monthly basis, how much would you be willing to invest in such a service that provided a sterile enviorment free of germs? When thinking about this question, remember, you wouldn't have to spend the time cleaning every evening and the money on disinfectants; let alone the benefits of having a healthy staff and children.

Thank you to all of you who provide your input, it is very important to me.
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