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Daycare.com was founded in 1997 by Sheri and Michael Castello. The concept for a daycare site was driven by Sheri's frustration when she embarked on her own search for suitable daycare for her and Michael's son, Jonathan.

The mission of Daycare.com LLC is threefold: First, we wish to provide parents with an easy to use daycare finding resource. Second, to provide daycare operators with an efficient and effective means of announcing their services. And finally, we wish to provide both communities with value-added information related to child care services and products.

Daycare.com now lists over 225,000 daycare facilities with several hundred more signing on each month. Additionally, we enjoy visits from thousands of parents and providers each day.

Management Team

Sheri Castello
ChairMom & Co-Founder

As the mom of two children, Sheri understands first hand the difficulty of finding suitable daycare. Investigating daycare opportunities for her children, Jonathan and Jessica, was a time consuming struggle. What Sheri wanted was a way to streamline the search and Daycare.com is the result. The first provider listings were actually local providers that she had researched for her own children. As ChairMom, Sheri provides the vision for the site and works tirelessly to ensure that Daycare.com provides information relevant to the dual communities of moms and daycare providers. Prior to co-founding Daycare.com, Sheri worked at Mattel, Inc. She started her first business, a modeling agency, at age 18.

Sheri Castello - ChairMom & Co-Founder
Michael A. Castello
President & Founder

Michael Castello was one of the early pioneers of the World Wide Web, foreseeing the internet's global potential early in 1992. He is President and CEO of Castello Cities Internet Network, Inc. which ownes and operates such businesses as, Traveler.com, PalmSprings.com, Nashville.com, GolfClub.com, Manicure.com among others. Father to Jonathan and Jessica, Michael saw the need for a resource that could give parents and daycare operators a "one stop" location for information promoting the potential for upgrading the national/global standards of daycare. Daycare.com now has over 225,000 facility listings nationwide.

Michael A. Castello -  President & Founder
Bob Longo

Bob joins the management team of Daycare.com LLC with an extensive background in packaged goods marketing, sales promotion consulting and direct marketing. While in marketing, he worked in various brand management assignments at Procter & Gamble and Carnation Company. His career shift into the specialized area of promotion consulting led to the development of promotional projects with notable clients such as Mattel, Bank of America, Disney, Hershey Foods, MCA Records, Procter & Gamble and Carnation. In 1996, Bob co-founded Cross-Sector Communications, LLC, the parent company of the Business Owners' Resource and Market Basket Direct catalogs and the BizOwnerUSA.com website, where he still performs the duties of President and CEO. Bob received his Bachelor's and MBA degrees from UCLA and is a US Navy veteran.

Bob Longo -
Mary Fishburn Longo

Mary is a consumer and business-to-business marketing veteran who joined Daycare.com LLC in 2001. She is a co-founder of Cross-Sector Communications, LLC, where her responsibilities include marketing, strategic planning and management of operations. Previously, she was Vice President of Strategic Planning and New Business Ventures for Nestle, USA. With Nestle for 20 years, her assignments ranged from new concept development and new product launches to management of large brands ($300+ million). She is experienced in all facets of marketing for new and ongoing businesses, including new product development, branding, creative development and test market management. Prior to joining Nestle, Mary was with IBM where she was a Systems Engineer. She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from UCLA.

Mary Fishburn Longo - Chief Marketing Officer

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