State Requirements

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Standards for Daycare Centers - PDF Safety
Scope and Definitions Health
License Application and Maintenance Nutrition
Management and Administration Center for Children with Acute Illness
Operational Requirements Adolescent Center
Physical Plant and Equipment Drop-in Centers
Staff Requirements Educational Programs in Nonpublic Nursery Schools
Child Protection Inspections Complaints and Enforcement
Child Supervision Administrative Hearing
Program Requirements Public Access to Licensing Records
The Child Care Center Licensing Manual (Manual) is used as a reference for Office of Child Care (OCC) licensing staff, licensed child care center operators, and for those who apply to become child care center operators. The Manual primarily provides assistance in interpreting and applying Code of Maryland Regulation (COMAR) requirements when child care facilities are inspected for compliance by licensing staff. By providing a comprehensive set of interpretive guidelines, the Manual enables child care center operators to achieve and maintain compliance, and enables licensing staff to assess operator compliance in a consistent and equitable manner.  

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