State Requirements

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Procedure For Diapering A Child

1. Organize needed supplies within reach:
-fresh diaper and clean clothes (if necessary)
-dampened paper towels or premoistened toweletts for cleaning child’s bottom !child’s personal, labeled, ointment (if provided by parents)
!trash disposal bag
2. Place a disposable covering (such as roll paper) on the portion of the diapering table where you will place the child’s bottom. Diapering surfaces should be smooth, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean. Don’t use areas that come in close contact with children during play such as couches, floor areas where children play, etc.
3. If using gloves, put them on now.
4. Using only your hands, pick up and hold the child away from your body. Don’t cradle the child in your arms and risk soiling your cloths.
5. Lay the child on the paper or towel.
6. Remove soiled diaper (and soiled clothes).
7. Put disposable diapers in a plastic-lined trash receptacle.
8. Put soiled reusable diaper and /or soiled clothes WITHOUT RINSING in a plastic bag to give to parents.
9. Clean child’s bottom with some premoistened disposable toweletts or a dampened, single-use, disposable towel.
10. Place the soiled toweletts or towel in a plastic-lined trash receptacle.
11. If the child needs a more thorough washing, use soap, running water, and pater towels.
12. Remove the disposable covering from beneath the child. Discard it in a plastic-lined receptacle.
13. If you are wearing gloves, remove and dispose of them now in a plastic-lined
14. Wash your hands. NOTE: The diapering table should be next to a sink with running water so that you can wash your hands without leaving the diapered child unattended. However, if a sink is not within reach of the diapering table, don’t leave the child unattended on the diapering table to go to a sink; wipe your hands with some premoistened toweletts instead. NEVER leave a child alone on the diapering table.
15. Wash the child’s hands under running water.
16. Diaper and dress the child.
17. Disinfect the diapering surface immediately after you finish diapering the child.
18. Return the child to the activity area.
19. Clean and disinfect:
- The diapering area,
-all equipment or supplies that were touched, and
-soiled crib or cot, if needed.
20. Wash your hands under running water.

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