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Experimenting With Kale – Nannyde’s Brown Stew

17 Mar Food, recipes | Comments
Experimenting With Kale – Nannyde’s Brown Stew

I made a new stew yesterday and it turned out so delicious I had to share. It was very simple to make. It took me about 60 minutes total from start to stop.

Leg of lamb, Buffalo, Venison, or Beef: About four to five pounds.
Two pounds of dried pinto beans soaked overnight.
One cup of brown rice.
One cup of black rice
Three heaping tablespoons of Penzey’s Lamb Seasoning
Two heaping tablespoons of Garden Vegetable Seasoning
Twelve ounces of pureed frozen Kale

The night before last I put a leg of lamb and a lamb roast in the crock-pot overnight. I added about three heaping tablespoons of Penzey’s Lamb seasoning and. I also soaked a two pound bag of pinto beans overnight.

In the early morning I rinsed the pinto beans and drained the broth from the meat in a fine mesh colander . It’s important to get out any loose bone or cartilage when you are doing whole boned meats. A fine mesh colander will keep any fragments out of the broth.

I replaced the broth back into the crock-pot and added the two pounds of beans. I also added a twelve ounce jar of frozen Kale puree from Papa Fees’ garden. He lives in South Dakota and had a booming crop of Kale last summer. He sent me a big box of it to share with the kids.

Kale is a little bit tricky to work with when you are putting it up. It’s a giant leafy cabbage and it’s tricky to chop and steam in large batches. It’s kind of difficult to get it just right to the point where you don’t overdo it but it’s cooked enough to blend it down.

By the end of his box I figured out that it has to be steamed just a little under andante. It’s best to blend it with some juice. I used some of the steaming juice. I put about half of a processor bowl full of steamed Kale with about a half cup of the broth and it whipped into the consistency of stage three baby veggies. Once you get a couple of inches in the bottom of the processor just add the whole steamed leafs until it gets too crowded to whip. You have to do a little more stirring in the processor to get every bit of it pureed so it’s a bit more work than the average green veggie but SO worth the final product.

I ended up with about seven containers of Kale and have been using them sparingly over the winter to add into our stews. Sadly this is my last one but I know now it will be a staple of our diet this summer when it comes
into season. It’s a plain taste that isn’t offensive to the little ones palate. I like it in stews because it adds heartiness without overtaking the taste of the stew. It tastes extra yummy as the winter months progress and our bodies are craving vitamins and minerals from the summer before. I cooked the beans in the broth all day long and about ten hours later I added one cup of steamed brown organic rice and one cup of steamed black
Haitian rice. (co-cooked in my microwave rice steamer)

I mixed them all together and let them soak overnight. Today I will serve it to the kids and put the rest up for meals in the future. This recipe gives me about six lunches, four snacks, and two suppers for my family.

I will use this for a variety of different meals. I will make puree of the mix for burritos, enchiladas, and to smooth over cheese bread for snacks. I will serve it whole in a bowl topped with cheddar cheese or parmesan. When
you are blending it it’s best to blend it after one night of soaking it has been soaked overnight in the rice and then warmed. It’s important to have the stew warm before blending or it can get a little chunkier than you want
for burritos or spread.

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