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The Benefits of Home Made Baby Food

15 Mar Daycare, Food | Comments
The Benefits of Home Made Baby Food

Baby food is very easy to make. It’s cheaper to make than buy and it’s nutritionally superior to commercial food once you get the hang of how to do it. All you really need is a steamer and a good food processor. I use the “Quick and Easy” Black and Decker model. It’s really not that time consuming and it pays off once the children get older.

One of major benefits is it help in the transition into new foods and thicker consistency foods. There’s a big leap between stage two and stage three consistency in commercial baby food. Making it from scratch allows you to do the texture switch much more gradually based on what the individual baby can handle with every food. I love that.

It also is a great way to introduce new foods and flavors gradually. I can add just a pinch of something new and get them acclimated to it with a foundational food I know they love. Bit by bit you can increase the amount until they recognize the food on it’s own.

The idea of exposing kids ten times before they like it or accept it becomes unnecessary with home made food. I would rather give a kid one tenth of a serving of something new WITH something they already like and then increase it bit by bit. I go from one tenth to two tenths to three tenths etc. etc.

This builds variety into a baby and new one year old diet and they don’t even flinch. I don’t have very much food refusal because I decide the amount per “exposure”. If I see the kid not finishing it or balking then I know I’ve done too much and back down on the next batch.

It’s also great for making mixed foods for whole food group servings. I do this with every food group until I find JUST what makes the masses happy. I also use the combo foods for “dipping sauce” for the older kids. They are so much more willing to try new things if you introduce it as a little sauce on the side. You can circle the perimeter of their plate with whatever combination you want them to try so they can dip their food into it or even put their fingers into it to get a little dab to try. Next thing you know they are spooning up the “baby food sauce”. That is a great system for older kids to try new things.
MommyMuffin started a great thread about discussing home made baby food with parents. I love talking about getting kids to try and eat healthy home made foods. It seems daunting when you first start but the formula for success is just trial and error and taking it EASY with consistency and introduction. I’ll contribute by adding very specific techniques that I have found work really well to save providers from making the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

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