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To My Most Excellent Daycare Parents

To My Most Excellent Daycare Parents

Well we have had a  fantastic year at Nan’s house.    I’m proud to say,  all of the children who began 2011 with us are still here with the exception of our Precious Pebbles who went off to Kindy.  We have also welcomed  MyZay’s new baby brother who has quickly become everyone’s “little brudah”.  Being the only baby in the house has it’s advantages.  We couldn’t be more in love.

I wanted to use my forum here at to tell you folks how much I appreciate working for you and how much I respect you.  You are a phenomenal group of individuals.

In these times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find parents who are “doing it right”.  You guys are.  You are the parents who are leading the way and setting the example of how to raise children in the 21st Century.   Your friends, family, and co-workers admire you.  I do too.

I’ve learned so much from each of you.  You prove each day  that despite the distractions to modern parenting  you can uphold fundamental principles of raising quality human beings and do the hard work to make it happen.  It is hard work.

You do not take the easy way out.  You spend TIME with your children every day.  You are their primary caretaker.  Our role here is to continue your good work while you are away from your little ones.  Your insistence that your children be raised first by you is what makes my job a dream every day.  You are my partners and my leaders.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your children are sweet, kind, gentle, respectful and loving.  Every day when I look out the window and watch them come up my front sidewalk I’m truly excited to see them and feel blessed that I get to be a part of another day in their life.  🙂

I’d also like to thank you for the kindness you have shown my son, Beeks, and I.   The gifts,  year end bonuses, and extra paid time off this year were off the hook.  😉  I’m humbled by your generosity.   It has made for a wonderful Christmas for my son and Beeks, and given us extra funds to add some new toys and supplies to the day care.

I wish you folks the happiest New Year and thank you for the many years of loyalty you have given to me and my business.  It’s because of you that I enjoy my work so much.

Your precious children are everything to me.  They are

my life,

my heart,

my joy.

With love from your Nan

  1. Stacey01-04-12

    I love this!!

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