State Requirements

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CHAPTER 7-000 FAMILY CHILD CARE HOME II: In addition to complying with the Family Child Care Home I regulations contained in Chapter 6-000, facilities serving nine through twelve children (Family Child Care Home II), will also comply with the following regulations.

7-001 Administration and Staffing: The primary provider shall ensure that current fire safety and sanitation approval is maintained for the license to be effective.

The primary provider shall maintain the records for the secondary provider on the premises and available for review upon request. The records will include but are not limited to -

1. Name, address, Social Security number and phone number.
2. Within 30 days of hiring and every two years thereafter, the secondary provider shall provide a Health Information Report (or a report containing all information required in the Health Information Report) current within six months of the license application or hiring. The Health Information Report, Part B, will be completed by a medical practitioner.
3. Date of hire.
4. Signed and dated Felony/Misdemeanor Statement.

Secondary providers must be at least 16 years of age.

All regulations regarding background checks will apply to secondary providers, volunteers and

Before hiring, the primary provider shall obtain at least three non-relative references for the secondary provider. One of these references must be from a previous child care employer, if applicable. A written record of having contacted these references will be maintained on the premises and available for review upon request.

The primary provider or a secondary provider at least 16 years of age must be present and on duty whenever children are in care.

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