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The "Real" Meaning of Christmas is Giving

MarySo often during the holidays, we search for the "real" meaning of Christmas, something to warm our hearts after the tree and tinsel are gone. We put away the gifts we received and go back to our daily lives, grateful for the love and generosity of our friends and family.

For many children and families in developing countries, Christmas is just another day. The challenges they face remain the same even on this special day. The lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is one of them and is a leading cause of illness and death.  

With support from generous donors, Water School has been working hard to reach people that desperately need access to clean water in Uganda, Kenya, and Haiti. Since our organization started in 2007, the results of our programs have been dramatic.

Water School has reached over 400,000 people with clean water.  The incidents of water borne disease have been significantly reduced with corresponding improvements in family health and school attendance.  Children are healthier!

This holiday season, we ask you to consider giving the gift of life by giving a gift of clean water. As you contemplate your gift list, we ask you to send special Water School Christmas e-cards to your family, friends or colleagues and make an online donation to Water School. Just $50 will provide a family of five, clean water...for life! Your donation will go towards the implementation of new Water School projects in schools in Uganda, Kenya and Haiti in 2011.

To find out how you can send e-cards and donate to the Water School online, please visit us on For more information about our Christmas Appeal program or to order hard copy Christmas cards, please contact Barb Israel, at or on 403-934-2778.

From the Water School Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your support. Your support will help us continue to make a major impact on children without clean drinking water. We wish you love, peace and joy this holiday season.

Fraser Edwards,

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