Daycare and Coronavirus


Coronavirus (COVID19) has gripped the global community and disrupted many of our lives. There is a growing fear and uncertainty as to what comes next. has been here since before 911 and in many ways, we are at war with a new faceless enemy that can wreak havoc on your lives and businesses.

What we've observed over the last three months is world that is trying to come to grips with a contagious pathogen that, while showing less numbers of mortality than previous viruses like SARS and H1N1, has gripped the world in ways which the Spanish Flu and pervious pandemics have. The world governments are much more capable at forecasting the course of this pathogen much like is does now with the weather. There is a coming storm and it appears to be a CAT6- off the charts in its destructive power and persistence.

It is not only COVID-19's ability to take out life, but also to undermine the world and American economies. While there are few numbers of transmission in the United State, governments are using extreme orders of self-quarantine, shelter-in-place and some states are even considering Marshall law and using the National Guard to keep law and order.

Currently, government agencies are trying to come to a consensus on whether Daycare/Childcare should remain open since many law enforcement and healthcare agency personal need assistance with childcare while they are in the field dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Some states are allowing daycare to operate while other states and making a blanket closer of all public attended businesses.

We have had many state agencies ask for guidance. Since many healthcare and law enforcement agencies must be in the field assisting with their government mandate for care- daycare services should be financially covered, supported and allowed to operate by the state and federal government.

This is a national crisis and there needs to be a consistent message. We believe there will be incredible blow-back from the inconsistency in government support on a state by state basis on what essential services are needed. This must be addressed soon to make a concerted effort to battle this disease and to mitigate the physical and economic damage as the disease propagates.

While the government is trying to cope with the scope of its response, Childcare Aware has a petition that asks members of Congress to include dedicated support for childcare in their COVID-19 response.

Its assistance and support of the daycare industry must be foremost in its strategy to combat coronavirus and for those on the frontline who must put their total effort at helping others while their children are likewise being cared for in a safe environment.

Daycare operators are normally under strict state sanitizing guidelines which ensure the non-transmittal of all disease. Likewise, these operators know the children under their care like members of their own family. We believe the daycare environment is perfectly suited for the crisis at hand. They are part of the triage that supports first-responders as they do their job.

We urge those in positions of creating law and guidance consider the unlimited resources of our 250,000 daycare/childcare facilities. We are ready to provide and serve in our duty to the nation and its people.


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