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  The Essential First-Aid Kit

Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit handy and away from a child's reach.
(This is a general list not intended to supersede your state's guidelines)

Ace bandage

Adhesive bandages in several sizes

Antibacterial soap

Antimicrobial cream

Blunt-tipped scissors

Butterfly bandages

Calamine lotion

Cotton balls

Cotton swabs

Eyecup Hydrocortisone cream (.5% or 1%)

Hydrogen peroxide

Hypoallergenic tape

Infant acetaminophen

Insect-bite kit, if prescribed by doctor

Magnifying glass

Penlight Petroleum jelly

Reusable instant cold packs

Roll of stretchable sterile gauze

Sterile eye pads

Sterile gauze pads in several sizes

Surgical gloves

Syrup of ipecac



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