Transporting Our Children

There have been several inquiries about safety regulations for transporting the children at daycare centers and daycare homes. The following is a sample list of regulations that have been compiled from a random selection of states. Hope this helps in keeping our children safe.

1. Only drivers licensed for the type of vehicle operated shall be permitted to transport children.

2. Drivers should be 18 years of age and possess a valid driver's license.

3. The driver and passangers shall wear a seat belt.

4. Sharp, heavy or potentially dangerous objects shall be securely restrained when transporting children.

5. A vehicle used to transport children shall have an operable heater capable of maintaining a temperature of 50 degrees F. in the vehicle.

6. A first aid kit and emergency numbers for the children will be available in any vehicle.

7. A Center shall not transport children in the open back of a truck.

8. The manufacturer's rated seating capacity of the vehicles shall not be exceeded.

9. Motor vehicles used to transport children shall be maintained in a safe operating condition and have a current registration.

10. All vehicle occupants shall be secured in an appropriate restraint system according to their age and weight.

11. Children shall not be left in parked vehicles.

12. The provider must obtain written consent from the parent of the child for any mechanical transportation provided by or arranged for by the provider to children in care at the day care center.

13. Each child must board or leave a vehicle from the curb side of the street.

14. All doors of the vehicle are securely closed and, if the doors are manufactured with locks, locked.

15. Weapons shall not be transported in any vehicle in which children are riding, unless the weapons are made inoperable and inaccessible.

For further detailed and specific information, please see your state's safety regulations for transportation under Licensing Standards.

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