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North Carolina Drop-In / Short-Term Child Care

Did you know that drop-in/short-term child care programs are required by North Carolina child care law (G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) to register and post a notice stating that they are not regulated by the State?

Do you operate or know a program that meets the definition of drop-in/short-term child care?

Drop-in/short term child care programs operate:

While parents participate in activities that are not employment related (running errands or leisure activities)
With the parents on the premises or otherwise easily accessible (within 15 minutes)

Such programs could include, but are not limited to child care provided in:

Health Clubs or Health Spas
Bowling Alleys

Shopping Malls
Resort Hotels

Court Houses

If you operate or know a program that meets the above definition(s) the registration process should be initiated as soon as possible.

Employers may offer drop-in/short term child care for their part-time employees if the following are all true:

The child does not receive care for more than 2 and a half hours during that day
The parents are on the premises
There are no more than 25 children in any one group in any one room

Please call the Division of Child Development's hotline # at 1-800-859-0829 and ask to speak with a customer service representative if you need a registration application or think you know a program that needs to be registered with the state.

Drop In Care Registration Application Letter

Drop In Care Registration Application

Drop In Care Frequently Asked Questions

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