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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Director-Qualifications and Duties

(1) The director shall:

(a) Be at least 21 years of age; and

(b) Have at least one year of training and/or experience in management and supervision.

(2) The director of the center shall be accountable for:

(a) Administrative functions including, but not limited to, financial management, maintaining records, budgeting, policy development, staff orientation and training, maintenance of buildings and grounds, meal planning and preparation, and transportation, if provided; and

(b) Operating the center in compliance with certification requirements (OAR 414-300-000 through 414-300-440).

(3) If head teacher qualifications (OAR 414-300-090) are met by the director, that person may serve as head teacher for the age range of children for which she/he is qualified if she/he works full-time in the center:

(a) If the center is certified for less than 40 children, the director may serve as head teacher and have regular teaching duties, if qualified;

(b) If the center is certified for 40 or more children, the director may serve as head teacher, but shall have no regular teaching duties.

(4) The director shall be in the center at least one-third of the hours, calculated on a weekly basis, that the center is in operation.

(5) The director, or a substitute delegated by the director or operator, shall be on the premises during all hours of operation. The substitute director shall:

(a) Meet at least the qualifications of a teacher;

(b) Be familiar with the certification requirements; and

(c) Be authorized to correct a deficiency that might be an immediate threat to children's health or safety.


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