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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Indoor Space

(1) There shall be a minimum of 35 square feet of indoor activity area per child. Space considered in determining the facility capacity shall be available for use by children at all times, shall be used exclusively for child care during the hours of operation and shall be determined on a room-by-room basis. The following shall not be counted as part of the 35 square feet per child requirement: heating units; storage areas; teachers' desks; large permanent equipment; any space not useable by children. Cribs will be counted as useable space if the space underneath the cribs is accessible to children.

(2) A school-age program shall have a minimum of 50 square feet of indoor activity area per child or may have a minimum of 35 square feet of indoor activity area per child if:

(a) The children in care have access to a larger gross motor area, either indoor or outdoor, on a daily basis; or

(b) The center has a plan, approved by CCD, which addresses how the gross motor needs of children in care will be met.

(3) In a room used by more than one group of children not yet attending kindergarten, the area occupied by each group shall be defined by use of portable or permanent room dividers or program equipment that stand above the eye level of the children who use the area. Rooms used only for large group activities (e.g., eating, napping, large muscle activities) are exempt from this requirement.

(4) Storage space shall be available for each child's clothing and personal possessions.

(5) Storage space shall be available for play equipment, teaching equipment and supplies, records and files, cots, mats, and cleaning equipment and supplies


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