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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Outdoor Space

(1) There shall be an outdoor activity area which the children can reach safely. If an outdoor activity area is not next to the center, or not under the control of the center during hours of operation, it cannot be used without the specific approval of CCD.

(2) There shall be at least 75 square feet of outdoor space for each child using the area at one time. In centers where groups of children are scheduled at different times for outdoor play, there shall be 75 square feet times one-third of the center's capacity, if permitted by local zoning regulations.

(3) The outside activity area shall:

(a) Be suitably surfaced. All pieces of playground equipment shall be surrounded by a resilient surface of an acceptable depth or by rubber mats manufactured for such use, according to standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission;

(b) Be well drained;

(c) Be kept free of litter, solid waste and refuse, ditches, or other conditions presenting a potential hazard; and

(d) Be equipped to provide age-appropriate activities for gross motor development.

(4) The outdoor activity area of a center serving children not yet attending kindergarten shall be enclosed by a barrier (fence, wall, or building) at least four feet high. Centers with certification in effect on July 15, 2001, must comply with a barrier at least three feet high until such time as the existing barrier is replaced. Spacing between vertical slats of a fence shall be no greater than 4 inches. Fences must meet applicable local codes


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