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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Fire Protection

(1) The building, occupant load and means of egress, including the number of exits, exiting distances, doors and exit illumination and signs, shall meet the requirements of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

(2) Rooms used for child care shall not be located above or below the ground floor, except as allowed by the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

(3) Fire Extinguishers

(a) There shall be at least one 2A-10BC-rated fire extinguisher in the center;

(b) Fire extinguisher(s) shall be placed as recommended by the fire marshal.

(4) Smoke Detectors:

(a) Smoke detectors shall be installed in all areas where children nap;

(b) When the center's capacity is 50 or more, an approved manual fire alarm system shall be provided, as required by the Oregon Structural Specialty Code;

(c) Smoke detectors shall be tested each month.

(5) Obstructions, including furniture, storage of supplies, or any other items shall not be placed in corridors, stairwells or exit ways.

(6) Candles or other open flame decorative devices are prohibited, except for the brief use of celebratory candles.

(7) There shall be written evidence that any wood stove in the building has been inspected and approved for use by the local building official


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