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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Toilet Facilities

(1) Toilets

 (a) Toilet rooms shall have at least one flush toilet for each 15 children in the center 36 months old or older.

(b) Urinals may be substituted for not more than one-half the required number of toilets, as long as there is at least one toilet in each toilet room and at least two toilets in the center. Facilities built after July 15, 200l, specifically as child care centers shall n substitute urinals for the required number of toilets.

 (c) Toilet facilities shall provide privacy for school age children.

 (2) Hand washing Sinks

 (a) There shall be at least one hand washing sink with mixing faucets for every two toilets. Centers with certification in effect on July 15, 2001, shall comply with the requirement for mixing faucets when toilet facilities are remodeled.

(b) A sink used for hand washing, bathing, or diaper-changing shall not be used in any way for preparation of food or drinks, or for dish washing.

 (c) Hot and cold running water, as well as soap and paper towels dispensed in a sanitary manner, shall be provided at each hand washing sink. Other hand drying options must be approved by the sanitarian.

 (d) Self-closing metered faucets shall be designed to provide water flow for at least 15 seconds without the need to reactivate the faucet. Centers with certification in effect on July 15, 2001, shall comply with the water flow requirement for self-closing metered faucets when toilet facilities are remodeled.

 (e) Drinking fountains shall not be installed at sinks. If installed at sinks, the fountains shall not be used as a source of drinking water.

 (3) If toilets or hand washing sinks are adult size, easily-cleanable steps or blocks shall be provided so that preschool age children can use the toilets and sinks without adult assistance.

 (4) Bathrooms shall have smooth, washable, easily-cleanable walls and floors.

 (5) Infants and Toddlers - In a center serving children under 36 months old, there shall be:

 (a) At least one flush toilet in or adjacent to each older toddler area;

 (b) One toilet with training seat, or child-size toilet, for every ten older toddlers. Potty chairs are prohibited;

 (c) At least one diaper-changing table in or adjacent to each activity and sleeping room. Each table shall have a surface that is non-absorbent and easily cleaned. The diaper-changing policy shall be posted above each table;

(d) A hand-washing sink in each diaper changing area, except that centers with certification in effect on July 15, 2001, shall comply with this requirement when the diaper changing area is remodeled; and

 (e) A bathtub, bathinette, plastic basin, or similar size shallow sink available for bathing children


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