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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers


(1) Kitchens shall have facilities for dish washing, storage, and preparation of food. The kitchen shall be separate from any child caring areas.

 (2) If there is no kitchen in the center and if meals or snacks are not catered, the center shall observe the requirements in OAR 414-300-0280(8).

 (3) The walls, floors, and floor coverings of all rooms in which food or drink is prepared or stored, or utensils are washed or stored, shall be smooth, washable, and easily cleanable.

 (4) All equipment and utensils used for food service, including plastic ware and food-contact surfaces, shall be:

 (a) Easily cleanable;

 (b) Durable;

 (c) Nontoxic;

 (d) Nonabsorbent; and

 (e) Maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

 (5) All equipment used for food preparation shall be installed and maintained in a manner providing ease of cleaning beneath, between, and behind each unit.

 (6) A center shall have a:

 (a) Mechanical dishwasher that meets the requirements in the Health Division's administrative rules, OAR 333-154-030; or

 (b) Compartmentalized sink that meets the requirements in the Health Division's administrative rules, OAR 333-154-020.

 (c) Centers with a maximum capacity of 19 children may use a light commercial dishwasher approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

 (7) There shall be separate sinks in the kitchen designated by the sanitarian for hand washing, for food preparation activities, and for dishwashing activities.

 (a) The sink designated for hand washing shall be equipped with soap and paper towels dispensed in a sanitary manner and posted with a hand washing sign.

 (b) In centers in which there is not a sink provided for food preparation, a sink used for dishwashing may be used as long as dishwashing activities do not interfere with sanitary food preparation, and the sink is sanitized before being used for food preparation.

 (c) Sinks in the kitchen shall be used exclusively for food service activities.

 (d) Centers newly constructed or remodeled after July 15, 2001, shall meet the requirements for hand washing sinks established by State Building Code, as defined in ORS Chapter 455.

 (8) Children shall not be allowed in the kitchen except for a supervised learning activity


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