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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers


(1) Furniture shall:

 (a) Be durable;
 (b) Have cleanable or non-absorbent surfaces;
 (c) Be safely constructed, with no sharp, rough, loose, or pointed edges; and
 (d) Be in good repair.

(2) Tables and seating shall be scaled to the height and size of a child.

(3) There shall be a safe, washable cot or rest mat for each toddler and preschool age child in the center at nap time and for each school-age child who wants to rest.

(4) Each mat used for napping shall be:

 (a) Covered with a waterproof cover; and
 (b) At least one inch thick.

(5) Mats or cots shall be placed at least two feet apart if children are placed head to toe; or three feet apart otherwise. They shall be arranged in a manner that allows for a direct, unobstructed passage to each child.

(6) Each child who is resting shall have individual bedding consisting of at least a sheet or blanket.

(7) Mats, cots and bed linen shall be properly stored, as recommended by the sanitarian


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