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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Section 414-300-010
Application for a Child Care Certificate

(1) Unless exempted by Oregon laws governing child care facilities, no person or organization shall operate a child care center providing care to seven or more children at any one time without a valid certificate issued by Child Care Division (CCD).

(2) Application for a certificate shall be made on forms provided by CCD.

(3) A completed application is required:

(a) For the initial certificate;

(b) For the annual renewal of a certificate; and

(c) Whenever there is a change of operator or location.

(4) The applicant shall complete and submit an application to CCD at least:

(a) 45 days before the planned opening date of a new center; and

(b) For renewal of a certificate, 30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate. If an application for renewal and payment of the required fee is received by CCD at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current certificate, the current certificate, unless officially revoked, remains in force until CCD has acted on the application for renewal and has given notice of the action taken.

(5) An application for a certificate shall be accompanied by a filing fee (not refundable).

(a) For the initial application, a change of owner/operator, or a change of location (except when a facility is forced to move due to circumstances beyond the control of the operator), the fee is $100 plus $2 for each certified space (e.g., the fee for a child care center certified to care for 30 children is $60 + $100 = $160).

(b) For a renewal application, the fee is $2 for each certified space.

(6) A floor plan shall be submitted with the initial application and when a facility is remodeled. The floor plan shall show dimensions of all rooms to be used (length and width), the planned use of each room, the placement and number of toilets, handwashing sinks, and diaper changing tables, and the location of the fixtures and plumbing in the kitchen.

(7) If the facility is located within or attached to a building used for purposes other than child care, the plan shall describe the other activities which are carried out in adjoining rooms or buildings.

(8) If the applicant is a firm, association, corporation, public agency, or governmental entity, the application shall be signed by the chief executive officer or a person designated in writing to have the authority to sign for the operator. If the applicant is a partnership, the application shall be signed by each partner.

(9) An operator shall provide verification to CCD that the center meets all state and local codes and zoning requirements that apply to child care facilities:

(a) Before the initial certificate is issued; and

(b) Whenever the facility is remodeled.

(10) The center shall be approved by a sanitarian registered under ORS Chapter 700, or an authorized representative of the Health Division, under requirements contained in these rules (OAR 414-300-000 through 414-300-440), and by a state or local fire marshal, before a certificate is issued by CCD.

(a) If structural or permit problems occur, CCD may request that the operator have the center inspected by the appropriate authority; and

(b) The operator is responsible for payment of any applicable fees for fire safety and sanitation inspections.

(11) Upon receipt of a completed application, a representative of CCD shall evaluate the center and all aspects of the proposed operation to determine if the center meets certification requirements (OAR 414-300-000 through 414-300440).


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