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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

General Requirements

(1) The operator shall display the following near the entrance, or in some other area of the center, where they may be viewed by parent(s) of children in care:

(a) The most current certificate issued by CCD;

(b) Name of the director, or the person in charge in the absence of the director;

(c) Notice of planned field trips away from the immediate neighborhood, showing the date and place of each excursion;

(d) The current week's menu for all meals and snacks, if meals are provided by the center. Any substitution shall be recorded on the menu; and

(e) A notice that the items identified in section (2) of this rule are available for review on request.

(2) The operator shall have available for review on request:

(a) A copy of OAR 414-300-000 through 414-300-440; and

(b) The most recent CCD, sanitation, and fire safety inspection reports.

(3) The operator shall report to CCD:

(a) An accident resulting in the death or serious injury of a child at the center, within 48 hours after the occurrence. Serious injury means any injury which requires overnight hospitalization;

(b) Damage to the building which affects the operator's ability to comply with these requirements, within 24 hours after the occurrence; and

(c) Any change in director in writing within two weeks of the occurrence, and include the replacement person's qualifications for the position, references, and permission to complete the criminal record check.

(4) In formation provided to CCD on applications, in records or reports, or any other written or verbal communication, shall be current, complete, and accurate.

(5) Staff shall report suspected child abuse or neglect immediately, as required by the Child Abuse Reporting Law (ORS 419B.005 through 419B.045).

(6) Staff shall smoke only in a designated area not used by children, nor for food preparation, dishwashing, or for storage of food or cooking equipment and utensils.

(7) Staff shall not consume alcohol or use non-prescribed controlled substances in the center during the hours of operation. Staff who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall not be in the center.

(8) No one shall be in the center who has been convicted of a crime of immoral conduct or convicted of violating a criminal statute that protects children, or who has demonstrated behavior which may have a detrimental effect on a child.

(9) The following information shall be in writing and made available to staff, CCD, and to parent(s) at the time of enrollment:

(a) Name, business address, and business telephone number of the person(s) who have immediate responsibility for the daily operation of the center;

(b) Discipline policy;

(c) Arrival and departure procedures;

(d) Plan for emergency medical care and treatment of illnesses or accidents;

(e) Procedures for field trips;

(f) Information on transportation, when provided by the center;

(g) Information on how to report a complaint to CCD regarding certification requirements; and

(h) Notice that custodial parents have access to the center during the hours of operation and that no advance notice is required.

(10) Representatives of all agencies involved in certification and custodial parents shall have immediate access to all parts of the center during hours of operation. CCD staff shall have the right to enter and inspect the center, including access to all staff, records of children enrolled in the center, and all records and reports related to the center operation regarding compliance with these rules.

(11) The center shall comply with the Health Division's administrative rules relating to:

(a) Immunization of children (OAR 333-19-021 through 333-19-090 and 333-19-200); and

(b) Reporting communicable diseases (OAR 333-19-215 through 333-19-415).

(12) The center serving infants and children shall have written health policies and procedures approved by the Health Division or the county health department which cover at least, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Storage and handling of bottles and food;

(b) Diaper changing and disposal;

(c) Bathing infants; and

(d) Care of bed linen. 8


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