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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Record Keeping

(1) The operator shall keep the following records for at least one year, unless otherwise specified in this rule or in a contractual agreement with CCD, and shall be available at all times to CCD:

(a) Complete and current information on each child as required in OAR 414300-040 (3), (4) and (5);

(b) Records of daily attendance of children and staff showing:

(A) The dates of employment and time of arrival and departure for each staff; and

(B) The date, name of each child in attendance, and time of arrival and departure. The record shall show the children in attendance at any given time;

(c) Personnel record for each staff which shall include:

(A) Name and address of staff;

(B) Position in center;

(C) Verification that the person possesses the qualifications for the position;

(D) Verification that a criminal record check has been completed;

(E) Statement of the staff's duties;

(F) Record of health-related training, such as CPR, Life Support, Life Saving, and First Aid;

(G) Driving record, driver's license number and expiration date if the person is to transport children; and

(H) Documentation of dates and participation in orientation, training, and staff development activities, as required in OAR 414-300-120.

(d) A written record of:

(A) An injury to a child;

(B) Dates and times of the monthly practice of emergency procedures;

(C) Child abuse reports made to the State Office of Services to Children and Families (SOSCF) or a law enforcement agency;

(D) Authorizations to administer medication to a child;

(E) Medications dispensed; and

(F) Meals and snacks provided by the center for the previous three weeks.

(2) The operator shall allow parent(s), upon request, to review records and reports, except for child abuse reports, maintained on their own child.


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