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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Section B
Responsibilities of Center Director

B.(1) It is the responsibility of all operators, owners and directors to secure information on compliance with antidiscrimination laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It is the intent of the Department of Social Services that if federal laws or regulations apply to a given facility, any conflict which might exist between federal laws and regulations and these regulations shall be resolved in favor of compliance with federal enactments. It is the responsibility of all owners and operators and directors to comply with all such laws and regulations which are applicable to their facilities. Compliance with Department of Social Services regulations is not a substitute for compliance with applicable federal mandates.

B.(2) The operator shall designate either himself/herself or a staff person to serve as center director.

B.(3) The director shall have overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the child day care center. The director shall designate a staff person to be responsible for overseeing the operation of the child day care center at times when the director is temporarily away from the center.

B.(4) The center director shall be responsible for the following duties:

B.(4)(a) Planning and administering the child care program;

B.(4)(b) Ensuring compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements including appropriate staffing by monitoring daily program activities;

B.(4)(c) Informing each employee upon employment of his/her duties including the statutory requirement to report suspected child abuse or neglect;

B.(4)(d) Screening and hiring of regular staff, volunteer(s), or others who are to provide services in the facility to the extent allowed by the operator;

B.(4)(e) Assigning staff to specific jobs or functions;

B.(4)(f) Supervising staff and on-going planning with staff;

B.(4)(g) Maintaining complete and accurate administrative records related to enrollment, attendance, personnel, including records for volunteer(s) and emergency person(s);

B.(4)(h) Ensuring that a staff person is available on the premises at all times who has received a current certificate for first aid and child-infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);

B.(4)(i) Posting an understandable chart describing first aid medical treatment techniques in an accessible location;

B.(4)(j) Posting the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Recommended Immunization Schedule in a location accessible to parent(s)/guardian(s) and staff;

B.(4)(k) Reviewing administration of medication with appropriate staff;

B.(4)(l) Reviewing center policies with staff.

B.(5) The director shall display the current license/approval in a prominent location in the center. If deficiencies are typed on the back of the license/approval, the license/approval, shall be displayed in such a manner as to allow ready access by all parties to the back of the license/approval or a copy of the deficiencies shall be displayed adjacent to the license/approval.

B.(6) The director or other designated staff shall report to the Department when an occurrence takes place which affects the status of the day care license/approval.

B.(7) The following shall be reported to the Department by the operator/other designated staff prior to the occurrence:

B.(7)(a) Change in owner, sponsor, or operator/director;

B.(7)(b) Change in location and/or major alterations to the building.

B.(8) The following shall be reported to the Department by the operator/other designated staff:

B.(8)(a) Accidents or injuries requiring professional medical treatment of any child or staff person while at the center, or any death;

B.(8)(b) Major damage to facility;

B.(8)(c) Charges or convictions of crimes against the owner, operator/director or any facility staff, volunteers or emergency persons as listed in Regulation Numbers 114-502A(6) and (7) and B(6) and (7);

B.(8)(d) Child Protective Services reports involving the owner, operator/director or any staff, volunteers or emergency persons.

B.(9) The director/designated staff shall notify Department Child Protective and Preventive Services staff or local law enforcement when it appears that a child has been or may be abused or neglected in accordance with South Carolina Code Annotated Section 20-7-510.

B.(10) The operator and/or center staff shall cooperate with Department staff during an investigation of child abuse/neglect. Cooperation shall include but not be limited to the following:

B.(a) Participate in an informational conference(s) with Child Protective and Preventive Services staff;

B.(b) Release records of children and staff as requested;

B.(c) Allow access to the center premises for inspection upon request.

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